The Story of Napster

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-And The MP3 Revolution

The aim of this study is to tell the story of how one artefact, Napster, entered a network of music production and distribution and challenged the status quo as well as opening up new opportunities for actors involved in this area. To account for the challenges and opportunities arising from the interaction of this artefact with said environment I see a social paradox as instrumental in escalating innovative incentives. This paradox addresses the reciprocal relationship between a corporate and a counter culture.

To explore the co-dependency as well as the ‘tensions’ between these cultures I have relied on earlier studies of this field (mainly Toynbee and Negus) as well as the writings of Deleuze and Guattari. To track the development of the Napster story, I have searched for clues in newspaper and magazine articles and interviews as well as web-sites as regards to the ‘inscription’ and ‘translation’ activities concerning the artefact.

Download the full study on Napster.

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