Tune in to Vibe Radio for songs from Meerkeime, Thrystero, Carney Code and Atemwende. A cross-pollination of independent music genres.

MEERKEIME : a loose constellation working within the loose definition that is Modal Rock. Influences range from jazz to classic rock from electronica to post-rock and from punk to psychedelia.

Current constellation: Bo Vibe – music & lyrics, guitars, bass, keys and vocals. Gabriel Torrijos – Drums.



Just searching the personal and the universal archives for a new sound.
A mix of “found sound” from Barcelona and Berlin and guitar manipulation.
Bo Vibe – All music, guitars, found sound, piano & loops


Folk-noir. Low-fi, low life, low volume, low tide and bad tidings. Songs: Always Almost – Music by Bo Vibe and Mathias Tjønn (vocals, string arr.). Lyrics by Bo Vibe (guitar, vocals). That’s how my horses dance – Bo Vibe – music, guitars, e-bow, loops, Indonesian drum.